The Significance of Ekadashi Fasting

Fasting on Ekadashi holds great significance in Hindu tradition. Ekadashi refers to the 11th day of the lunar fortnight, with two Ekadashis occurring in a month. It is believed that observing a fast on Ekadashi cleanses the mind, body, and soul, and helps in seeking the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Ekadashi in September 2023

In September 2023, two Ekadashis will fall within the month, providing devotees with auspicious days to fast and engage in spiritual activities. The first Ekadashi, Indira Ekadashi, is on the 4th of September, and the second Ekadashi, Parivartini Ekadashi, falls on the 18th of September.

Indira Ekadashi: 4th September 2023

Indira Ekadashi holds special significance as it is believed that observing a fast on this day can bring prosperity, happiness, and peace to one’s life. Devotees worship Lord Vishnu and seek his blessings by abstaining from food and water throughout the day.

Parivartini Ekadashi: 18th September 2023

Parivartini Ekadashi marks a period of change and transformation. It is believed that observing a fast on this day can help individuals overcome obstacles and bring about positive changes in their lives. Devotees offer prayers to Lord Vishnu and seek his divine intervention for a fulfilling life.

How to Observe Ekadashi Fasting

  • Begin the day with a prayer and setting a positive intention.
  • Abstain from consuming grains, beans, and certain vegetables.
  • Refrain from eating onion, garlic, and non-vegetarian food.
  • Drink water only once after sunrise.
  • Engage in meditation, chanting, and reading scriptures to enhance spiritual growth.

Benefits of Observing Ekadashi Fasting

  • Purifies the mind and body.
  • Promotes self-discipline and control.
  • Enhances spiritual growth and connection with the divine.
  • Brings peace, prosperity, and positivity into one’s life.
  • Fosters a sense of gratitude and humility.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can pregnant women observe Ekadashi fasting?
  2. Pregnant women are advised to consult with their healthcare provider before observing Ekadashi fasting. It is essential to prioritize the health of both the mother and the unborn child.

  3. Can children participate in Ekadashi fasting?

  4. Parents can introduce children to the concept of fasting gradually. It is important to ensure that children do not experience any adverse effects on their health and well-being.

  5. What are the restrictions during Ekadashi fasting?

  6. Devotees should avoid consuming grains, beans, non-vegetarian food, onion, and garlic. Additionally, refraining from drinking water and abstaining from certain vegetables is recommended.

  7. Can individuals with health conditions fast on Ekadashi?

  8. Individuals with health conditions should seek advice from a healthcare professional before attempting Ekadashi fasting. It is crucial to prioritize health and well-being above all else.

  9. How can one break the fast after Ekadashi?

  10. It is customary to break the Ekadashi fast by consuming a simple meal consisting of fruits, nuts, milk, and sattvic foods. Avoid indulging in heavy or spicy foods immediately after fasting.

Observing Ekadashi fasting in September 2023 provides devotees with an opportunity to connect with their spiritual roots, seek divine blessings, and purify their mind and body. By following the traditional rituals and practices associated with Ekadashi, individuals can experience inner peace, growth, and fulfillment in their lives.


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